Dermtreat A/S has developed a platform designed to deliver a pharmaceutical drug uni-directional to a mucosal surface – using a bio-adhesive and bio-degradable patch, with a long adhesion time and a high flexibility, conforming to the mucosal surface.

The idea has been developed since early 2013 by Ph.D. Jens Hansen, former VP Pharmaceutical R&D and New Products at LEO Pharma. Together with Msc.Econ. Lars Hellerung Christiansen, co-founder of a number of successful pharmaceutical companies, Dermtreat A/S was founded in May 2014 and has since attracted contributions from further highly qualified and well recognised professionals.

First time in man

Since May 2014 the prototype has been refined and in-vitro tested in close co-operation with University of Sheffield (UK). Using a Rivelin placebo patch final proof of concept was evidenced by a pilot study in healthy volunteers in September 2015.

Next step: Proof of concept in patients

Next step for Dermtreat A/S is to initiate a Phase IIb clinical trial of the Rivelin Clobetasol patch in patients suffering from a painful oral mucosal disease, oral lichen planus. The study will commence in mid-2018.

The Rivelin clobetasol patch is the most advanced program with this unique technology. The Rivelin patch technology is ground breaking in the field of mucosal diseases and applicable for various diseases and treatment regimens so more projects will come.

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