Rivelin Combo Patch

Rivelin Clobetasol Patch

The Rivelin clobetasol patch provides a new ground breaking technology for targeting mucosal ulcers and stomatitis.

The major challenge in treating oral mucosal ulcers and stomatitis is short contact time and low exposure of drug. This leave the patients with severe unmet needs such as:

  • Oral pain and burning sensation
    – Pain in connection with oral hygiene
    – Pain when eating and speaking
  • Disturbance of sleep
  • Psychological discomfort and social disability
    – Negatively impacting emotional state

Targets mucosal ulcers and stomatitis

The Rivelin clobetasol patch takes all the challenges in treating mucosal ulcers and stomatitis into account:

  • Efficient dosage and high compliance
    Drug delivery is under occlusion protected against dilution/dissolvent by salvia and movement/contact (jaw, tongue and teeth).
  • Lower doses are needed

Rivelin Clobetasol patch has in preclinical studies demonstrated adherence to porcine mucosa for up to 2 hours with efficient release of clobetasol to the mucosa.

A phase 2 study with the Rivelin Clobetasol patch will commence in mid-2018