Rivelin® – a medical delivery technology to a mucosal surface

Rivelin® is an electrospun, two layer patch including a muco-adhesive layer, which includes the drug and a protective layer ensuring uni-directional drug delivery into the mucosal lesion. The product is bio-degradable, whereby it ultimately dissolves in the mouth and stomach.

Direct drug delivery

The muco-adhesive ability of the patch provides a unique feature of a direct, controlled and longer term drug delivery. Direct topical delivery of drugs ensures higher efficacy, lower dose and less bystander toxicity.

Improving quality of life for patients

Convenience and ulcer coverage by the flexible patch will further induce patient compliance.
Conforming to the mucosal contours,with high strength and flexibility, thereby improving adhesiveness as well as comfort to the patient – increasing compliance with treatment.

This will significantly improve today’s unlicensed and inconvenient treatment of oral diseases by ointments, inhalers or mouthwashes, leading to cost savings for society and improving quality of life for patients.